→ ODB System®: Oil Degradation by Bacteria System

TIBIO has many years of experience in the field of bio-degradation of dielectric oils thanks to specially selected bacteria. We can therefore propose concrete solutions to solve problems of contamination or pollution, such as the innovative ODB system.

ODB System is a system for the emptying, treatment and decontamination of fluid oil electrical cables developed by TIBIO. This system allows to treat oil cables directly on site, without the need of expensive and complex cable removal operations.

Thanks to ODB System, oil-filled cables will no longer represent a risk to the environment!

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→ SDB System : Soil Decontamination by Bacteria System

SDB System is derived from the ODB System bioremediation solution, which allows to clean up sites, soils and waters polluted with hydrocarbons and other organic pollutants.

By proposing an analysis phase, our laboratory Tibio Research develops a specific bioremediation system for the elimination of pollutants present in the contaminated matrices.

Then, we intervene in-situ by combining the contribution of the microorganisms of the SDB system with that of the useful nutrients to stimulate the activity of the microorganisms already present: it is the bio-stimulation.

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