PD Dr Davide Städler

Toxicologist, Dr ès sc. EPF, Privat Docent UNIL
Chief Executive Officer

Dr Marco Torriani

Biologist, Dr Sc. ETH, IPMA
Deputy Director
Head of projects Italian and German Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Northern Europe

Dr Patrik Castiglioni

Biologist, Dr ès sc. UNIL
Deputy Director
Head of projects in French-speaking Switzerland, France and Western Europe. Head of the Swiss French branch.

Dr Fiorella Lucarini

Chemist, Dr ès sc. UNIFR
Project manager and Head of Chemistry

Alice Torriani

Agronomist, MSc ETH
Scientific collaborator

Guillaume Boisard

Environmental engineer & business developer
Environmental specialist

Dr Naïma Maggetti

Historian, specialized in contemporary history, Dr ès lett. UNIGE
Head of historical services, scientific collaborator

Camille Rime

Laboratory technician
Technician manager of the R&D laboratory

Mustafa Okumus

Sales and Business Development

Lucien Genoud

BSc in biology
Sales and Business Development