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TIBIO: A Consulting Company for Scientific Challenges

TIBIO offers scientific consulting and analytic services for private customers and companies in several fields:

Chemical and microbiological analysis:
- Analysis of water, air and soil
- Asbestos analysis
- Analysis of foods
- Analysis of chemicals, drugs and cosmetic
- Transformer oil analysis‎
- Assistance and advice

Department "Environment and biotechnology"

- Consulting for pollution problems
- Treatment of pollutants
- Decontamination of industrial sites
- Environmental microbiology
- Passive sampling (POCIS - polar organic chemical integrative sampler)
- Analytical services in collaboration with Scitec Research SA

Biotechnology applications for companies:

- Recycling of raw materials
- Development and feasibility studies of industrial processes based on microorganisms
- R&D activities
- Advice for investors (venture capital)

• Scientific consulting for Industrial service companies and electric companies

Department "Scientific consulting - Life Sciences"

Scientific Consulting for Investments in Biotech, Medtech and Pharma
• Scientific Due Diligence

Scientific consulting in the fields:
- Nanotechnology and nanomedicine
- Pharmacology
- Biochemistry
- Microbiology

Are you interested by these subjects? Do not hesitate to contact us! Our specialists are at your disposal.

Scientific Consulting for Investments

TIBIO offers scientific consulting services to help and follow clients in their evaluation of investments in biotechnology, pharmacology and medical sector.
Our mission is to bring the economic and scientific worlds together.

These domains are between those that have the highest return on investment (ROI). Conversely, the high scientific and financial risks that are associated with these markets makes them less attractive.

With our scientific consulting services you increase your chances of success when investing in these areas!

As a client of TIBIO:
• You will have access to a large network of high-level specialists who can advise you when evaluating investments

• You will receive a neutral and impartial scientific assessment for projects you would like to invest in

• You will receive a clear and comprehensive analysis that will help you in your decisions

• You will have access to the latest scientific findings to better assess the risks of your investment

• You will be able to access markets that offer a high rate of return on investment by reducing the risk of failure

Do not wait to contact us!

Increase your return on investment in the areas of Life Science!

ODB System & Special services for electric industries

We offer specific services for problems related to the management of structures containing dielectric oils, in particular:

- Advice and analysis in case of pollution problems
- Support for demolition of transformers, power plants, distribution facilities

- Analysis of transformer oils

TIBIO has many years of experience in the field of bio-degradation of dielectric oils using specialized bacteria specially selected. We therefore propose concrete solutions to solve problems of contamination or pollution, in particular thanks to the innovative ODB system .

ODB System is an innovative system for the treatment of oil-filled cables. This system allows the treatment of oil-filled cables directly in situ, without the need for expensive and complex operations of cable removal.

Thanks to the ODB system your cables will no longer represent an environmental hazard!

ODB system is easy to apply and offers numerous advantages:

- Economic

- Safe

- Environmentally friendly

- Effective

- Practical
More information on our ODB System dedicated website


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